US voices support for freedom of expression amidst political turmoil

WASHINGTON: In the midst of domestic unrest in Pakistan, the United States has expressed its support for freedom of expression while emphasising the importance of a strong, stable, and prosperous Pakistan for bilateral relations.

The deputy spokesperson of the State Department, Vedant Patel, highlighted the need for individuals to express themselves peacefully without endangering government employees or buildings.

During a daily news conference in Washington, Patel reiterated the US stance, saying that the United States does not favour any specific political party or candidate. Instead, they prioritise a Pakistan that is robust, stable, and prosperous, as it directly affects US-Pakistan relations.

He also acknowledged that the arrest of any individual must be conducted in accordance with basic human rights and the country’s legal framework.

When asked about press freedom in Pakistan, Patel refrained from making a prescriptive assessment of the current situation.

However, he emphasised the US government’s firm belief in the importance of media access, information dissemination, and the free flow of information between the government and journalists.

The United States’ position underscores its commitment to supporting freedom of expression and advocating for a stable and prosperous Pakistan while respecting human rights and press freedom.

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