Advocacy truck challenges Kashmir G20 meeting with powerful messages

WASHINGTON: In a display of protest, a digital advertising truck sponsored by the World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF) circulated around key locations in Washington, urging G20 member countries to refrain from holding a meeting in occupied Kashmir.

The truck showcased various messages highlighting concerns about India’s illegal occupation and the violation of human rights in the region.

Led by Dr. Ghulam N. Mir, chairman of the Kashmir Diaspora Coalition and president of the forum, the campaign aims to draw attention to the longstanding Kashmir conflict.

Dr. Mir emphasised that India’s attempts to wish away the conflict through aggressive means have consistently failed. He also accused India of trying to cover up evidence of mass graves and human rights abuses committed by its military and paramilitary forces in Kashmir.

The G20 working group on tourism is scheduled to convene in Srinagar from May 22 to 24. The digital truck targeted the embassies of G20 member countries, including India, as well as prominent locations such as the State Department, Capitol Hill, and the White House.

The messages displayed on the truck’s electronic screens highlighted concerns over India’s illegal occupation, the risk of legitimising it through the G20 meeting, and the potential for genocide.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, secretary general of the forum, accused India of using its G20 presidency to present a false image of normalcy in Kashmir. He urged G20 members, who are predominantly democratic nations, to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and not compromise their moral authority and ethical values for the sake of commercial interests.

Dr. Imtiaz Khan, a professor at George Washington Medical Center, expressed reservations about the G20 meeting being held in the disputed territory. He pointed out that according to UN resolutions, the final status of Jammu and Kashmir should be decided through a plebiscite.

Dr. Khan criticised India for failing to uphold its promise to allow the people of Kashmir to exercise their right to self-determination and for perpetuating a reign of terror in the region, as documented by international human rights organizations.

The digital truck campaign serves as a powerful reminder of the unresolved Kashmir conflict and calls for the international community’s attention and support in addressing the grievances of the people of Kashmir and their right to self-determination.


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