At UN, Pakistan’s envoy calls on community to keep flame of freedom alive

NEW YORK: In a message commemorating Pakistan Day, the nation’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, called for support for his compatriots back home, particularly those who are marginalised and vulnerable.

Akram paid tribute to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and all the leaders of the freedom movement who fought for the creation of Pakistan, saying: “We must keep the flame of freedom alive.”

Acknowledging the plight of Kashmiri Muslims living under Indian occupation and the discrimination and violence faced by over 200 million Muslims in India, Ambassador Akram expressed gratitude for the freedoms enjoyed by Pakistanis in their sovereign and independent state.

He credited the foresight and strength of Pakistan’s Founding Fathers for enabling the country to live in freedom, including the freedom to practice their faith and pursue their collective well-being.

On this day, Akram urged his fellow Pakistanis to celebrate their successes and the strength of their country as the fifth largest in the world, a major military and nuclear weapon state, and a proponent of justice and equality across the world.

However, he also called for deep introspection and remembrance of the wisdom and fortitude of their ancestors. In addition, Akram urged commitment to improving the conditions of all Pakistanis, especially the poor, disadvantaged, weak, and vulnerable.

Lastly, the ambassador remembered his Muslim brothers and sisters still suffering from oppression and persecution in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and India, urging his fellow Pakistanis to commit themselves to working diligently and honestly to improve their conditions.


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