Proving one’s loyalty

We have often been critical of the West, especially the United States and the United Kingdom. But we, especially our politicians, never follow what political leaders and even royal family members in the West do to serve their society, country and the people in the name of loyalty to the national cause. For example, in some European countries, royal family members are required to serve in the armed forces and this service is mandatory for them. Going through the rigours of military training is mandatory, and in some instances royal family members have even served the military and were sent to the conflict zones, like Afghanistan.
Prince Harry, for instance, joined the British military and spent time in Afghanistan as a military helicopter pilot and saw actual combat there. This mandatory military service made him loyal to his country and a good, honest citizen. It is unfortunate that our politicians, who are more royal than the British royals, become what they are only to have luxuries for themselves and their families. And these political bigwigs enjoy these luxuries not without the support of their voters who revere them and vote them to power. Can we even imagine sons of our politicians going through military training, serving in the armed forces at some location in the country, leave alone experiencing action in a war and putting their lives at stake for the nation?
Honestly speaking, we cannot blame only the politicians for being our masters and demagogues. We have chosen to be their slaves on our free will. Most Pakistanis are devoted and loyal to a political or a religious party. All constitution violations and acts of corruption of the politicians are ignored and, even worse, defended by their followers who just about worship them. I wonder why. Can we proposer and stand along with developed nations having such sickening and slave mindset?

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