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The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), whose responsibility it is to help the country advance in the field of technology and innovation, has become a glaring example of incompetence, mismanagement and carelessness. All the helpline numbers of PEC remain ‘busy’ all the time, and if, by chance, someone does receive a call, the caller is directed to other extensions to talk to. And, of course, no one takes the call on ‘that’ extension. All the numbers available on the official website are either dysfunctional or irresponsive. Furthermore, PEC’s mobile app is equally problematic and fails to be of any help to millions of engineers. The same is the case with PEC website’s continuing professional development (CPD) portal. The Council’s IT and CPD departments have failed to make the portal fully operational. It crashes every other day. Engineers across the country face numerous problems, but have nowhere to go to register their complaints.

The PEC’s administration and elected governing body must take serious action in this regard and make PEC a more cooperative, efficient and innovation-friendly organisation.

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