FBR transfers officials allegedly involved in leaking tax details of outgoing COAS family

Islamabad: Federal Board of Revenue on Thursday directed two Inland Revenue Service grade 18 officials to report to headquarters from Corporate Tax Office (CTO) Lahore.

According to notification, Deputy Commissioners CTO Atif Nawaz Warriach and Zahoor Ahmad directed the report to the admin pool FBR with immediate effect and until further orders.

The above-mentioned officers are directed to relinquish/assume charge, using online HRMS facility made available to FBR or by using their IJP logins, as per the notification.

Earlier, Finance minister Ishaq Dar in a TV interview said that FBR has traced officials involved in leakage of tax information of COAS Bajwa’s family members.

The finance minister shared that one person involved in the leak is from Lahore and another from Rawalpindi.

Dar said that leaking the army chief’s income tax returns was “illegal”.

He also said that “The law does not allow the release of army chief or anyone else’s income tax returns without a court order,”.

It is pertinent to note that the name of Atif Warriach was circulating on the social media that he leaked the tax details of COAS Bajwa family from his Integrated Tax Management system account.

Under the law, no one can share or leak this information except the authorities allowed specifically under section 216(3) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Under the rules there is penalty provided for such unauthorised leak.

FBR spokesperson Afaque Quershi said that SAPM on Revenue Tariq Pasha and Chairman FBR were investigating this matter.

I can confirm both officials’ involvement after asking from Tariq Pasha and Chairman FBR, he added.

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