Unhealthy habits or depression?

Eating on the go has become a trend these days. Every now and then, we see people behaving carelessly while eating outside. Many of them throw trash on the roads. They care about the cleanliness of their vehicles, but not about the planet they live in.

It is an arduous task to collect this waste. It stays on the roads for days and clogs the sewers. Hence, when it rains, the roads get submerged in water which creates troubles for citizens. A little carelessness and lack of civic sense inundate many parts of the city and disrupt routine activities.

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People should keep the trash inside their cars and dispose of it at the nearest trash bin. The automobile companies should install small trash bins inside every car. The educational institutions should also hold awareness sessions on civic sense and being responsible. Sign boards with the message of ‘No littering’ can work as effective reminders. Besides, we need stringent laws that knock some sense into people and bound them to keep the environment safe and clean.



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