Why failures matter?

Every year, a large number of youngsters try their luck at the Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations which are quite popular in the country even though many of the applicants experience anxiety and depression due to the fear of failure.

Last year, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) decided to conduct screening tests prior to written tests when candidates were busy in revisions and taking mock tests. Although the decision is appreciable as it will filter out the non-serious candidates, it impeded the progress of candidates because the decision had not been announced beforehand.

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A CSS written test was conducted on May 12 this year. Amid hot weather, many examination centres, including the ones at Emerson University of Multan and the Government College of Science, did not even arrange water for the candidates. At one centre, the hall had air-conditioners, but none was switched on. As a result, many suffered heat stroke. I was one of them.

Though the poor management reflected badly on those assigned to make arrangements, there was a critical lesson for the students who could not perform well enough under such exhausting circumstances; acceptance of failure owing to things beyond one’s control.

Candidates must understand that failure is the first step towards success. If they cannot deal with the stress of failure, they cannot handle success when it finally comes. Therefore, they should learn to cope with failure effectively and keep trying until they achieve their goals.



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