Larkana gets rescue 1122 service

After Karachi, Sindh government has launched Rescue 1122 service in the Larkana district.

This was announced by Chief Secretary Sindh Dr. Muhammad Sohail Rajput.

“Soon Rescue 1122 service will be started in all the big cities of the province,” Rajput said while presiding over a review meeting of Rescue 1122 Services.

He further said that Rescue 1122 service would be launched in Thatta and Sujawal and soon 315 ambulances would be added to Rescue 1122.

Rescue 1122 services will be run in the entire province and all emergency departments will operate through Rescue 1122 so that during any emergency people need to contact 1122 service only.

In the meeting, Administrator Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that fire brigade will also be operated through Rescue 1122 from today and in case of any emergency, 1122 will be approached and ambulance and fire brigade will also come for the rescue operation.

Funds are being released for Ambulances services under 1122 and the ambulances are being handed over from Sindh Resilience Project to SIEHS and a total of 315 ambulances will operate in the province, the meeting told.


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