Tidal waves flood 12 villages along Gharo creek, leave people stranded

THATTA: About 12 villages along the Gharo Creek have been flooded by tidal waves, forcing hundreds to leave their homes.

The villages in Kharo Chhan and Keti Bandar talukas, have been submerged by sea water after breach in the protective dyke of Gharo Creek owing to ferocious tidal waves.

Football and cricket grounds of Gharo town and Jameel Shah Graveyard have been drowned under the seawater.

The rampaging seawater entered in local villages owing to ferocious winds and flooding fuelled by strong tidal waves.

The situation is equally bad in Keti Bandar and Kharo Chhan talukas. People the affected villages are stranded and waiting for help under the open sky.


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