My way or highway

Pakistan, a nuclear power and a country of over 220 million people, has been embroiled in a constitutional crisis. This is because individual ego seems to prevail over the collective national interest. This country also faces an acute economic crisis because of years of mismanagement, poor governance and political engineering. This needless prolonging of political uncertainty is not only having an adverse impact on an already ailing economy but is also sowing seeds of hatred and division among the masses. In the process, the Quaid’s motto of “unity” between all citizens who have “faith” in the constitution and “discipline” enforced through laws to which all citizens must submit to is being ridiculed. Who gains if Pakistan and its citizens suffer needlessly because of the egoistic pursuits of a few? A political party which enjoys the support of the majority in the parliament is allowed to form a government and exercise all the powers given by the constitution. The moment the political party loses support of the majority, it stands removed from office. It is the constitution which allows a vote of no-confidence to be moved against the ruling party. There is no rocket science involved.

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