The concept of eco-preneurship emerged from the growing trend of sustainability because it is a possible solution for the transition toward a more sustainable society. Ecopreneurs execute businesses based on sustainable ideas and methods and aim to tackle environmental and social needs. Globally eco-preneurship has gained significant momentum and has encouraged businesses to pay closer attention to their social and environmental impact. The transition toward a more sustainable system requires interactions between technology, economics, policymaking, and sociology. This interrelation between businesses and the environment concerning the role of entrepreneurs concludes that sustainability has developed as a key policy in executing business. Green entrepreneurs have speeded up innovation and demonstrated the ability to adapt and respond promptly to changes, which has also increased employment opportunities. Some examples of green entrepreneurship include energy auditing for impact assessment, green consulting for reducing environmental pollution associated with industrial activity, the use of environmentally friendly and ecological products (e.g., food, beauty products), renewable energy installations, etc. In Pakistan, eco-preneurship has received little attention in research and practice. However, it has the potential to provide opportunities for economic growth and can assist in the transition toward sustainability. Relevant authorities should facilitate educational institutes to raise awareness and provide training on green entrepreneurship. The introduction of green technologies coupled with eco-preneurship will support the country in sustainable development and fighting the impact of climate change.

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