Educational dilemma 

Repeated crammed lectures that are delivered religiously at educational institutions have become a tradition in Pakistan. It takes less than a year for a novice teacher to memorize a book and concepts and then they deliver it offhandedly. Race of getting more and more marks make students oblivion of pragmatism.

They memorize the years-long books, pass the exams and after getting 16 years of education become a teacher and deliver the same lectures so that the chain goes on. Pure sciences and most importantly mathematics which have no or very less practical application in Pakistan is being treated pathetically. I never remember any teacher at school or college telling me the application of sin cos and tan theta. They never told us what to do with (a+b)^2 formula? Where do we have to apply the Pythagoras theorem and those theorems which are always being memorized to us just to paste on paper.

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Pure mathematics taught at universities has no practical application in Pakistan except being a future teacher and passing the learned knowledge to students to become next-generation teachers. Creativity, innovation and skill-building which should be inculcated in students have known no whereabouts in this field. Concerned authorities should pay heed to the gravity of this issue.



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