Thalassemia in Pakistan 

Thalassemia is a major genetic disease spread all over the world especially in Pakistan. There are two main types of thalassemia disease which are minor and major thalassemia. It is caused by the marriage of your parents when they both are having minor thalassemia. So, by their marriage, the child will be born having a major thalassemia infection. According to an estimate, 5000 to 9000 children are born per year in Pakistan having thalassemia disease. However, in five years almost 500 children are dying only in Balochistan. In all over Pakistan, the life expectancy of an individual having thalassemia is 45-50 years.

Now in the world, Maldives is the country having the highest rate of thalassemia disease which is about 18 percent of its total population. The only solution for this disease is to do tests before you are going to do marriage. Because if you are having minor thalassemia then by this, your children will be having this disease, so likewise, the process will be going on. Finally, it is not only the responsibility of the people but the government must launch awareness campaigns that people must be familiar with this disease and do tests before their marriages.

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