Problems faced by farmers

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan but the farmers in Pakistan face a lot of problems. The prices of fertilizers are increasing day by day; the price of one DAP sack is 3600 last year but now it is increased up to 10400. All the countries are giving modern agricultural facilities to their farmers but still the government of Pakistan did not take any initiative for the development of their farmers.

The majority of farmers do not have enough resources to sow their crops so they take money from the middle man (commission taker) on the behalf of interests and the farmers are bound to give 6 percent commission on their harvesting when they went for selling they did not get enough rates. So, their income did not meet with their expenditures. Farmers have gone under debt settlement. Therefore, the government of Pakistan should give interest-free loans to their farmers. They could live a prosperous life and avail all the comforts of life.

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