Friction between BAP members, CM Kamal continues, Kamal calls no-trust motion ‘negative propaganda’

Disgruntled lawmakers of opposition and ruling Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) have taken refuge in Speaker House over no-confidence motion against CM Jam Kamal.

According to details, the 35 members, who supported the no-trust motion spent the night at Speaker House.

Meanwhile, Zahoor Buledi has said that their four members are still missing and expressed concerns that other disgruntled members could also be pressurized if they leave the premises.

On the other hand, vote on no-confidence motion will be held on October 25.
Member Balochistan Assembly Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran moved the motion in the assembly against CM Jam Kamal. The disgruntled members of assembly stood on their seats to announce their support for the motion.

The opposition need a simple majority of 33 members to pass the no-confidence motion against the Balochistan Chief Minister.

However, after submission of the no-confidence motion Chief Minister Jam Kamal has again reiterated that he would not resign from the post under any circumstances.
The chief minister said that he would accept the decision taken on the day of polling and but will not resign.

On the contrary, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan said on Thursday that the “negative propaganda” being done by members of the Balochistan Assembly was unwarranted.

A day earlier, a no-confidence motion backed by 33 of the 65 provincial assembly members, was moved by Food Minister and Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) leader Abdul Rehman Khetran.

The text of the resolution read that unrest and unemployment had risen due to the poor governance of the chief minister. It added that Kamal was running the affairs of the province as if he was the “only wise person” in the government.

It said the performance of the institutions was negatively affected because the chief minister was not consulting with them and therefore he should be removed.
Khetran said five of their members had gone “missing”, fearing that five more would also go missing in the next few days in a bid to fail the movement.

However, he added, that the House could not function under such circumstances, advising Kamal to step down immediately.

Clarifying the rumours in a video on Twitter, CM Kamal said the accusation regarding missing provincial assembly members was uncalled for.

“Some members had to correct them that they were not missing and were there. Even their signatures were available on the application submitted to the Balochistan Assembly speaker,” CM Kamal said.

The provincial chief executive added that there were norms of doing politics and one should not base one’s entire narrative on deceit and lies.

“If you have so much confidence in the numbers then you should wait for four to five days. Everything will become clear,” he said and added that provincial finance minister Zahoor Buledi and other members were playing an ‘unorthodox role’.

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