Traffic mess

Our burgeoning population and lack of public transport has resulted in traffic jams becoming a part of daily life. The ever-increasing rush of heavy traffic on the roads often results in loss of human life. This traffic jams compelling people to drive recklessly in order to reach their destinations timely, increasing the rate of deadly accidents. Furthermore, the poor condition of the roads also contributes towards traffic jam and accidents, as ambulance get caught up in traffic, patients are often unable to get the urgent care they require. There is a need to have a serious consideration over these factors for improvement. I request the higher authorities and the department of traffic police for taking severe steps, so that everyone can travel with comfort and the problem of traffic jams can be handled properly.

Mamoona Ghaffar

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  1. My opinion about traffic jams and so deadly accident prevention, govt should promote public transport as well as should minimize the private vehicles , they also cause of over traffic and their efforts to reach timely to the destination can cause of accident. Over speeding , over crossing , over loading also cause of.


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