Insensitive Comment

I want to draw your attention towards an important issue that is recently, a clip has been going around all over social media of Iman Aly, who while talking about her insecurity in her appearance, highlighted an important issue of how no matter how much people praise and compliment you, until you develop self love, you can never be satisfied with yourself, but, while taking about it, she referred to her not looking pretty by calling her appearance “khusra”. It was insensitive as she basically used a word that is used to refer to a transgender person and used it as a synonym for looking ugly.

At this moment in time, while trans people are struggling to make themselves a part of society and being degraded at every step of life, having their identity being used to describe ugly is incredibly demeaning for them. This wasn’t expected from Iman Aly who is as well spoken and privileged in life as she is, to know much better word rather than to still continue to use the word “khusra”.

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Wania Ashraf


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