Covid and subcontinent 

With over 3500 dead official in India yesterday, while the unofficial number is five times higher. For the people of Pakistan to see such devastation from Covid in next door neighbor India, while watching the Pakistanis busy in shopping in markets around Pakistan, is very alarming. Expecting the worst it was very confusing to see minimum deaths from Covid in Pakistan or low rate of complications from the disease in the General population. This is very strange because India has the same environment, food and social living styles like Pakistan. The main difference is the use of alcohol, which is banned in Pakistan but heavily used in India. Since Covid acts on the body’s blood and spreads to different organs, and since alcohol ends in the blood, therefore it makes sense that alcohol in the blood can increase the chance of death from Covid. The Government of Pakistan can help the World by highlighting the deaths from Covid in India and Pakistan and the difference between the two countries population in using alcohol as the link. And Pakistan should advise India and other World Nations to ask their citizens not to consume alcohol during Covid pandemic.

Shahryar Khan Baseer

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