European Parliament Resolution

Sir, There is a serious threat by European Parliament to review trade relations with Pakistan, which will impact our GSP Plus status and drastically reduce our export revenues. As a nation and a responsible State we need to understand that without a self-sustainable economic base, neither state sovereignty, nor national security can be assured. Quaid-e-Azam understood the diversity of citizens residing in various federating units, which is why, he was clear, that while Pakistan with a majority Muslim population would adopt the Islamic concept of justice and equality before law, every citizen would have the freedom to practice his faith, with no role for the state. He stressed upon adopting a constitution, which will confine the boundaries within which every state institution will work for welfare of citizens and the Writ of Law reign supreme. Unfortunately after his death, religion has been exploited by vested interests to achieve their short term objectives, with devastating negative impact on state sovereignty and national interest. State institutions involved in this practice have been launching unguided missiles to maneuver politics and remove regimes. Finality of Holy Prophet Muhammed PBUH is a settled matter by Divine sanction through Holy Quran. Yet even this has been repeatedly exploited with devastating consequences to the state. Federal Ministers and others, signed an understanding with TLP on sensitive diplomatic matters with international repercussions.  We have seen emergence of MQM, Jhangvi Group, Taliban etc and the latest was TLP which overnight has emerged as a power broker and like the previous unguided missiles is likely to become a Frankenstein, which will turn on its mentors and harm this country from within, inflicting more damage than our worst enemies.  Will sanity prevail?

Ali Malik Tariq

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