Save lives in Brazil 

Right now there is an urgent call to the WHO and the international community to look into the serious situation in Brazil created by the bloody corona pandemic. There have been daily reports of corona death toll in large numbers from Brazil. In fact, I have been observing so many such news reports through various media channels like newspapers, radio and TV. Though countries have been fighting rigorously with the pandemic, the difficulties facing this beautiful country of Brazil are pretty much different and rather bizarre. According to the news sources, the factors like mishandling of the pandemic, lack of government support, failed government machinery and above all vaccine shortage have been unfortunately playing havoc with the precious lives of the people in Brazil. Brazil has long been one of the beautiful countries in the world, having been home to extensive greenery areas like the Amazon rainforest and beautiful indigenous culture. That said, still, the people in my native areas like Korkai, Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu have been in the habit of openly sharing others’ pain caused by death and disease. There seems to be stark vaccine imbalance given the tense situation in areas like Brazil. No doubt the mask mandate must go on for sometime now. People should understand this in the first place. As for the Brazil case, there are lessons to others too. Maybe, the vaccine delays and uncontrolled concentration of Covid in a particular place like Brazil can allow the new pandemic threats to spill over to other areas worldwide. Hence, such worst-hit countries must be first identified again. Those countries should be provided with proper vaccine supply accordingly. Factually speaking, only such priority-based corona treatment methods with due urgency are going to kill the bloody virus permanently besides saving countries like Brazil.

P Senthil Saravana Durai

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