PM’s quarantine

The PM of Pakistan is required to serve as a role model for all citizens, viz-a-viz following SOP for COVID19 positive tested individuals, after it was announced that he and first lady have both tested positive. As Muslims we need to follow the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH hadiths on this that those living within a pandemic infected area must isolate themselves, while those living outside such an area must never venture to go into an infected zone.
When the PM tested positive, the whole country offered prayers for his recovery. It was also announced that he and the first lady had quarantined themselves within Bani Gala residence. The photograph released to the media and all TV channels shows the PM wearing a mask meeting his aides, including his media team. Whoever advised the PM has done no service to him or the citizens of this country. In case the PM wants to perform important office work of significance to national interests, he should do it On-Line with members of his cabinet.
This sends a wrong message especially when a lethal Third Wave of this pandemic has infected lots of citizens. Almighty Allah SWT has been very kind and gracious that COVID19 has not inflicted fatalities to the extent that it has in other countries in the region, like India, Iran etc.
We have already made many mistakes like offering direct flights to UK based airlines, at a time when British variant of COVID19 forced many countries within Europe, Far East, and American continent to place restrictions on flights to England. One hopes that preventive measures are adopted to restrict all flight operations carrying passengers to and from South America and Brazil etc.
Malik Tariq Ali

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