Petrol mafia

The worst economic crisis in the country has a great impact on prices of the commodities in the country. As the Oil and Regulatory Authority ( OGRA) has put a rise of 2.76 and Rs 3.12 per litre in prices of petrol and diesel from 1st January 2021. The immediate price of petrol resources is too high which people may not afford well. Secondly, the brent crude is collapsing in the international markets due to second wave of Covid-19 which has weakened the economy to fall. And further it is mentioned that the countries like USA are busy developing stimulus package to secure businesses. In fact, Pakistan’s economy is already in devastating crisis. The first wave of coronavirus has outrageously hit Pakistan and fuel and other prices has maintained growth and becoming high taking the poor lives very difficult to survive in such inflations. Now the petrol bomb has expected to emerge in new year for a common man. Lastly I would such recommend the Prime Minister’s biggest challenge is price hike, believe me if this is controlled, the country is safe from such losses. So the government of Pakistan should ensure that the challenge is fulfilled very soon.

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