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Yousuf Raza Gilani’s defeat of Hafeez Sheikh in the General Seat Islamabad is nothing short of an accident and at the same time it is a fact that the PTI’s own MNAs are no longer with the PTI. It has now been proven that PTI has gone from popular to unpopular. It is also clear that the PTI itself or its allies casted vote against it. So it is very easy to guess that the ruling party’s own people are not happy with it, then the question arises whether the rest of the general public will be happy? And this is also clear because no one is happy with the current high prices and the rest of the governance issues. And finally, as this supporter of Imran Khan, I urge him to improve his performance as much as possible in the remaining two and a half years, otherwise the remaining popularity will be lost.
Hunzla Kakar

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