Digital currency

Through the platform of your newspaper, I want to focus on an emerging social change in the world which is cash currency is going away. It can have positive as well as negative impact on our societies. Plus point is that it can cause a noticeable decrease in street crimes like snatching money from people at gunpoint. A lot of people today are afraid of carrying cash, particularly large amounts due to the fear of being robbed. But if paper currency is replaced by digital currency or debit card system it’ll cause ease to people. Like if someone steals your debit card, it can be canceled and replaced easily. While in case of cash if it is stolen then it is gone forever. In Pakistan street crimes are increasing rapidly while digital currency use is less. Converting to digital currency will be technological as well as economic revolution. If you see the other side of the picture then, converting to digital currency must be accompanied by high cyber security as chances of hacking will increase. In America cash is the second most payment method after debit cards. In the world of the internet Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular. World is moving to digital currency, so should we, it is the need of the time.
Laiba Fatima

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