Peace talks

It is true! The end product of war is peace. Us and Afghanistan are eagerly awaiting to change the battlefield into the peace table. However, the lies of two countries sponsored the catastrophe of entire region as here the Asian region and their American region are regularly involved. The battle of two decades took an huge price by putting thousands of innocent beings into lifeless bed rest. The 9/4 was the initiative of this distastes which ends into the table a vital role bringing the Afghan Taliban and Us at upfront to solve the issue just to get rid of the little for sponsoring the terrorism in the region on 27th of February 2020 became the state of the transformation for the withdraw of American troops on the land of Afghanis . Meanwhile, Us agreed within 14 months, they will take out the complete forces from Afghanistan. A major twist began after the change of US government from Donald Trump to Joe Biden which put peace process on hold for two months. Thus change of government means change of ideas where the situation is unpredictable weather the new ruling party support the previous ideas or not.

Durbibi Hayat

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