A true gentleman

I want to share a experience I had today which has left me startled to say the least.

We went for our Sunday brunch to the Islamabad Club (it always reminds me of our birdy), it was a ordinary event like any other brunch. There was a seating arrangement on the side for about 20 people. It seemed like some one had invited a few guests which is a usual occurrence. After some time the club staff put some security/separation screens along the setting. Then a separate layout was setup for service. This made me ask that is there someone special coming? The answer was yes. COAG Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was coming for brunch. A bit special alright but still the feeling that the virtual ruler of the country would be having meals with the ordinary citizens of the country.

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At around 12 noon the General came along with his family, just like a ordinary member or guest of the club and sat on one of the side chairs. He then apparently directed that all special arrangements should be removed. It was amazing to see that he and his family joined the other members/guests in taking the food, standing in line for their turn. On the omelette server the waiting line was rather long. It was so heartening to see that General Bajwa stood in the queue (me and my family noticed with surprise and delight) for about 18 minutes before he was served with his omelette (no one wanted to give him his slot nor did the General asked for, he was totally comfortable).

He was mingling with everyone in the most humble manner.

Then came the surprise. Mohammad Zubair (the ex governor of PML-N) came with his wife and family and surveyed the situation then he along with his wife and a few others went towards where General Bajwa and family were seated. They were the only people who were not allowed to meet the General.

I know that I have not been able to capture the whole scenario the way it should have been (literature was never my forte) but the whole experience was virtually mindblowing for me.

Gentlemen, let me tell you that irrespective of the opinions we keep on expressing on this forum, as long as we have people like him at the helm of affairs of this country. No harm can come to Pakistan, Inshallah.

Muhammad Anwar

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