Population timebomb

Population of Pakistan is increasing day by day. The high population is creating the biggest problems or obstacles in the growth of Pakistan’s economy. Due to this unstoppable population the rate of unemployment is too high in the country.

The current population of Pakistan is 223 millions based on world’s meter elaboration of the latest United Nations data. Pakistan’s  population in 2020 was 220 millions in the mid-year 2020, according to UN data. Pakistan’s population is equivalent to 2.83% of the total world’s population and that is a really devastating number for such a economically weak country. The current population of Pakistan as  223,559,520 as of Monday, January 18th, 2021.

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Population clock live 8,580 population growth today. Such a huge increase is not less than a time bomb for our nation, so the policy makers need to consult its neighbouring country, China, about controlling this time bomb.

Mahira Hakeem


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