Maal-e-Muft Dil-e-Berahm

A brief reading of agreement signed by NAB with Broadsheet for recovery of black money will reveal the incompetence of those at helm of affairs in 2000 and thereafter in 2003 when they thought they could get out of the cobweb which they got this country into. As long as there is no Rule 0f Law and supremacy of the constitution, Pakistan will suffer. Can someone question those appointed by Musharraf as Chairman NAB from 2000 onwards?
No individual in power, irrespective of whether he holds power through the ballot, or the bullet, has the right to pardon any person who has robbed the nation’s wealth through corrupt practices or proceeds of crime. Selective accountability with ulterior motives for arm twisting to force individuals to join any political party or support a government has promoted corruption. What else could be expected from a man who raised his fist to rejoice the killing of over 50 innocent citizens in Karachi on 12 May 2007 by armed thugs of Altaf Hussain. Pakistan suffers, while those who robbed this country through abuse of power (be they Musharraf, Nawaz, Mansoor-ul-Haq, Zardari) and scores from the paid civil or uniformed paid elite, enjoy the fruits of institutionalized corruption.
It is an irony that a country created through a political struggle to be a modern democratic welfare state and led by men of integrity and commitment like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal etc would be hijacked by self-serving opportunists like Iskandar Mirza and Ayub Khan who banned all politicians and created a controlled perverted system of governance. The foundations of political gerrymandering to form King’s party were laid by Ayub and the politicians that his junta created were men without vision, having one thing in common, total disregard to the vision of Quaid-e-Azam. Pakistan suffers while few Make Hay While Sun Shines and only a façade of accountability.
Malik Tariq Ali

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