Why just the schools?

It is conventional wisdom that, education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world. It plays a key role for the development of a country and creates leaders for the country. But unlikely, in Pakistan the educational institutions are closed again and again. Its literacy rate is already too low as compared to many other countries. Pakistan needs not to compromise on the education. In place of shutting the schools and colleges down, the education ministers and their committees need to have some other policies which can stop the spread of Covid-19. Last year, all the educational institutions were closed for 7 months and in November they were closed again. This lockdown is for nowhere else, markets, banks and marriage halls are still open. The only question that remains in my mind is “is coronavirus for only students, or does it effect in schools only? So, the Ministry of education Shafqat Mahmood is suggested to reopen all educational institutions throughout the country and don’t close them again and again.

Imtaiz Javid

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