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Private institutions are now days earning alot for education. Even in vacation times they don’t forgive the fees of poor children. But very cruelly they will accept their own wills for the reaction against children. The question arises, do the principles in the schools do this for earning alot and never think of making decrease the fees. I myself is studying in a private schools which fee is Rs 1700. It’s not fair at all. There are many people their family is poor and can’t afford such high fees. And the principles are very happy that our institutions are good. I have experienced that reading in a private school is no more beneficial. Just people can learn how to learn English. There are no any well trained teachers. Therefore students fail every examinations and can’t read. They even complain that in a private school you can’t see good facilities. No any clean and pure water. So there is no difference between a private school and a governmental school. Especially the private schools education is just considered as business and making people educated is just their greed. Listening this, people will feel bad . But it’s true. Now the main thing to be attentive is regarding reopening of educational institutions which were shut down due to covid-19 virus. Yesterday The Education Minister has decided to open schools according to lines sections but listening this,many of the private schools in Turbat city are arguing to open schools on 18th January and there will be reading for all classes. This statement in social media made my very irritated. That’s why I wanted to share it. Now you guys are known it is the dangerous time of covid-19. So the Education Minister has decided good for you guys. At first 9th to 12th open then the next classes for the effective measures of the virus protection. The terrible private schools just think of money not the children’s lives. In my point, the private schools just take decisions themselves since some of the schools are not yet registered by the government. They always make themselves the head of the association. Believe me, the time there was the fear of closing the institutions. And a warning that if they remain open they will be sealed. So many of them have open secretly. So what does this condition shows? It is the condition of worst response not following the government’s appeal. It is not fair at all. They should run according to the law agendas of the association not being free. It is right now Covid-19 , do don’t be in search of a large money think of your children who are the future of our developed nations. People are focusing on online education or classes daily. They are in homes getting rests and knowledge very well. But there are many problems they are facing. The biggest problem is they can’t recover the things fast as they have done physically in classes and many different problems they are facing as well. Otherwise, it is very beneficial to get education through internet. There are many of the works we will be enjoying online reading till the institutions open. This should not be the attitude of private schools otherwise they will be warned very badly. Do you know every laws need to be accepted. While the institutions were getting closed even these irresponsible private schools have not accepted and they forcefully opened their institutions and not caring our health. The authorities should look up to this serious matter in every areas of Pakistan and visit the those schools who make their own wills that can be very bad for the students.

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