Chaman blast

Terror is not yet over The Improvised Explosive Device which killed three in Chaman, including JUI(F) leader Maulana Muhammad Hanif, showed that the law enforcing agencies had not brought terror to an

Police reforms

Resistance will keep the thana culture supreme Senior policeman who are resisting the new accountability mechanism of a regulatory body should realise that a spate of deaths in police custody, and the

Wake up and smell the coffee!

The Law Minister who causes problems Democracy and free media are inextricably intertwined. Without the former, the latter cannot flourish and vice versa. An independent media helps democracy keep on the right


Climate change: a way forward

Causes and outcomes in Pakistan By Hafiz Muhammad Azeem Climate change is the change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular, a change apparent from the mid- 20th century onwards and

White Lies

It wasn’t as bad as his detractors were claiming it to be. Nor was it quite the seminal moment of history that his supporters were making it out to be. No, the

The UNGA address

Diplomacy is often the best of weapons Prime Minister Imran Khan poured out his heart on issues like Islamophobia, blasphemy, climate change and the imminent possibility of a bloodbath in Kashmir. Democracy

Arif Nizami

Khan’s impassioned plea

And the nuclear option Prime minister Khan in his maiden speech at UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) succulently summed up the precarious situation in IOK (Indian occupied Kashmir) and its ramifications for

Rabia Ahmed

Offensive interference

When going too far means going out of one’s bounds Many nations- some more than others- now agree, at least in principle, that it is wrong to cause offence to groups of

Impeaching Trump

And its possible outcomes US President Donald Trump had only just dodged a bullet, avoiding being formally accused of obstruction of justice in the much anticipated and hugely anticlimactic and disappointing (for

A worrying example

Security and Terrorism Clearance for the bureaucrats leaves many holes There is very strict procedure for recruiting officers in the federal and provincial bureaucracy; we have exams like CSS at the centre