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India’s ASAT test

Focus of space program shifting towards national security applications By Shirin Naseer Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a televised address on March 27 to announce the successful conduct of India’s anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test.

House of Wisdom

The triumphant Muslim era “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr,” said the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We are living in a science and technology

Imran Khan at BRI

 A beneficial visit but Pakistan and China have signed memorandums and agreements that could provide a boost to Pakistan’s struggling economy provided these are implemented whole-heartedly and on time. The MoU on SEZ’s will help Pakistan develop

Omer Javed

Short-term gains to whose avail?

Government and opposition must focus on policy The rise of Neo-liberalism at the back of strengthening collusion between political and economic elites, and their resulting ability to design and evolve institutions– national

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Presidential system?

Imran should focus on improving the existing Parliament With the country’s current predicament still in front of us, talk of changing the system is being heard. While some bring up minor constitutional

Skeletons in the cupboard

The government should prepare some tit-for-tat The PTI government should realise that it needs the opposition to legislate, and that it has itself got a track record that can have fingers pointed

Falling tax collection

FBR needs reform There has been a year-on-year fall in the collection of direct taxes, which indicates that the PTI government’s economic thinking is off-target. It should be noted that the figures