A good education

No party comes out of SC looking committed True, it was the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf which got the brunt of the Supreme Court’s ire on Tuesday during the hearing of the petition

Drug prices stay put

Announcements should be realistic Perhaps the only positive that Prime Minister Imran Khan will take away from the drug-prices episode is that he will realise the limits of prime ministerial power. He

Omer Javed

Tackling inflation

A wrong policy response Pakistan saw one of the most aggressive monetary tightening in Asia since the start of 2018, yet inflation could not be reined in. But with inflation consistently rising

NAB’s heavy handedness

Ruling party feeling the pinch? Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry locking horns with NAB by airing his objection to Aleem Khan not being granted bail while other more ‘serious offenders’ have been reprieved,

Jameel Farooqui


The beast is within us On the 20th day of September in the year 2017, a person named Esmail Jafarzadeh was executed in public in Parsabad, a city in Iran near Ardebil