Arif Nizami

The outrage in Kasur

A wake up call The national outrage over the gruesome rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl, Zainab Amin, in Kasur earlier in the week has not died down. The perpetrator of

Another setback for the PML-N

Will the new CM advise dissolution of the Assembly? The PML-N had to suffer one humiliation after another in Balochistan. First, its MPAs rebelled  against their own Chief Minister and decided to bring

Progress in FATA reforms

Small steps towards the ultimate goal As the crucial matter of FATA reforms move at a snail’s pace there has been a positive development with the extension of the Supreme Court and

From glare to benign gaze

Can ongoing secret US-Pak diplomacy salvage ties? Last rites, it would appear, need not be performed any time soon over the lately severely troubled relationship between the sole superpower and its apparently

Not fake news

Islamabad journalist roughed up and threatened Two issues are taboo and frowned upon in the comity of nations, governmental restrictions on right of free expression and rough treatment meted out to minorities,