PTI in conciliation mode

The government-opposition relations It was all smiles and sunshine during the National Assembly sitting on Tuesday before the presentation of the amended finance bill. Shah Mahmud Qureshi supported the opposition’s demand for

A bad start

Government and opposition must find middle ground The new National Assembly began its five year  tenure  on  an  inauspicious note. Despite  the proceedings of the joint parliamentary session beginning  with  a prayer

Shah Nawaz Mohal

 And why in the realm of politics, no one has reprieve from criticism Eternally sick, tired and exhausted of all that ‘is’, the change-Seekers wanna escape from ‘here and now’. Dreaming of

Afghan Transit Trade

Benefits everybody? Leave it to the foreign press, as usual, to enlighten Pakistanis about potentially groundbreaking developments. Apparently the American ambassador to Afghanistan has told an Indian newspaper that Islamabad approached Washington

Building dams

Sensitive matter One must, regrettably, tread very carefully on the matter of making dams and saving our future lest one is misinterpreted and, quite wrongly, branded an enemy of the state itself.

Aadil Aamir

State vs democracy

The society in Pakistan at the moment presents a dismal political divide Contemporary Pakistan rarely witnesses intellectual debates. One such debate is the state vs democracy debate. Pakistan has never seen such

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

The message of peace

Unfortunately, the message of Karbala remains to be interpreted and understood Every year, thousands of people rally together in the month of Muharram. Clad, mostly, in black clothes these people gather and

White Lies

Promises of austerity (never asked for in the first place) fell apart when the prime minister started moving about in his official helicopter. In order to justify it, the official spin machine

Arif Nizami

RIP Kulsoom

No light at the end of the tunnel The massive outpouring of sympathy across the political spectrum for the family on the demise of the Sharif matriarch begum Kulsoom Nawaz was a