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The ten-million-rupee question

Imran and his principles Imran Khan is fast turning out to be the typical one-step-forward-two-steps-back poster child of Pakistani politics. For one who never tires of extolling the virtues of parliamentary democracy

Mahnoor Sheikh

The Reham chronicles

Sensationalising a non-issue Not often do we see people debating over books in Pakistan but past few weeks have seen the country’s obsession with books. First it was the The Spy Chronicles,

The Musharraf affair

Long arm of the law? With the clock ticking on SC’s Thursday 2pm deadline for Gen Musharraf’s appearance, it is still unclear if taking the court’s word at face value – that

Remshay Ahmed

The illusion of peace

At the epicentre of all such dialogue has remained Partition’s unfinished agenda The book, The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISIS, and the Illusion of Peace has garnered a lot of attention by both Pakistanis

Singapore’s strange summit

Tough equation: security guarantees vs total de-nuclearization At last, they met. After months of threats and counter threats, taunts, fiery rhetoric of ‘bigger buttons’ ‘begging for war’, and unleashing annihilating nuclear war,

Nisar should join PTI

If he hasn’t already More than Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan’s decision to contest the upcoming elections as an independent candidate from NA-59, NA-63, PP-10 and PP-12, it is the manner in which