Jameel Farooqui

A tale of lovebirds

Who works whom? It is said that patriotism is beyond questions. But a time comes in the life of a nation when every individual needs to question certain narratives. In our lives,

Long road to Afghan peace

And Pakistan’s crucial role It’s still not clear whether it was just a gambit on Pakistan’s part, to invite Afghan Taliban and the Americans for talks in Islamabad, or some planning and

Spearhead Research

The MbS visit

Some things override all other considerations The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia His Highness Muhammad bin Salman is due in Pakistan on February 16th on a two-day visit. Pakistan

Parliament and PTI 

Infantile politics is rendering parliament dysfunctional A number of parliamentarians belonging to the PTI and its allies continue to act like a bull in the China shop, taking recourse to un-parliamentary language,

Talk to PTM

Right thing to do The KP government’s formation of an advisory committee to address ‘all social, political, administrative and development issues’ faced by tribal areas is welcome, especially since it has also

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Crass politics

Why would NAB act with a mala fide intent is a million dollar question Democracy as Pakistan’s system of governance was envisioned by the founding father who had an unswerving belief that

Tariq Mushtaq

Wretched Syria — VII

Looking towards peace At last, the chess game of super powers is coming to an end, after a long scuffle because of foreign interference, especially of United States, Syria is now heading