Ethics and morality

Every businessman has only one agenda of his life: how to get more money i.e., profit from his business. For that purpose, he invests where he thinks he would get more return and, at the same time, his wealth would remain safe. In the fast track of running after money, ethical consideration is no more involved and neglected often.
Ethics, in this backdrop, refers to a system or code of conduct based on moral duties and obligations, which indicates how we should behave. It deals

HRM in modern world

A few decades ago, things were much calmer than they are now. The changes are taking place on a very fast track. It has become difficult for large organisations to plan inputs to gain maximum outputs. Labour force is becoming costlier and more demanding day by day; the effects of important factors like implication of globalisation, rapid improvement in technology, diversity in various types of workforce, acute shortage of dedicated labour, both skilled and unskilled, and lack of

Police working hours

It is a usual practice in the police department that the staff is subjected to long hours of work without any break. Especially, the officers and staff assigned to VIP duties and on other sensitive assignments are found complaining. This is mostly due to the shortage of manpower in the police. The police force of Pakistan is estimated to have 350,000 personnel for the population of 170 million. This low number of staff presents hindrances in controlling the prevalent law and order

Unemployment issues

Unemployment is a central and critical problem because when unemployment is high, resources are wasted and people’s incomes are depressed.
During such periods, economic distress also spills over to affect people’s emotions and family lives. Unemployment has proved one of the major challenges of modern macroeconomics. It is not a curse but an issue that needs to be solved. Main reasons of unemployment are lack of social skills, illiteracy and lack of advanced technologies and

CNG-fitted bikes!

Can there be a motorcycle in the future having options of CNG or petrol as its fuel? As we are facing a shortfall of petroleum products, if the bikes were transferred on to CNG, it could save huge revenue for the country. If a group of engineers work on this issue, it can be solved easily. Those who ride bikes for commuting also deserve some relief irrespective of what the car owners have.

Police post robbed

The Khanewal police have failed to track down the robbers who had taken away their rifles, mobile phones and cash from the Bangla post of Mian Chunnu police station. The robbers also beat up the policemen and a few were seriously injured.
This incident notifies that there must be enhanced training of the policemen in accordance with the increasing domestic violence. The police force is the saviour of citizenry and if they are being harassed in such a manner, it leaves less hope

Voice of sanity

Kalabagh dam would be the only solution for the energy crisis and water shortage facing the country. This was stated by Eng Shams-ul-Haq who is considered among the top engineers in the country.
The average price of power stands at Rs 6 per unit, which would be reduced to Rs 3 per unit by Kalabagh dam. The previous mix of 65% hydel and 35% other sources is now 32% hydel, 32% gas, 32% oil and 4% other sources.
Bhasha dam alone would not solve the entire problem. Kalabagh dam

Prices will rise – Woes of governance

A plausible explanation for why the incumbent government has survived the minefield that is the Pakistani polity so far is the fact that it is an awful time to be running the country. No one is interested in holding the reins. Political parties can bide their time on the cushy opposition benches while the perpetual government – the powers that be, if you will – can twiddle their thumbs while watching the helplessness of the political government.
Not in any way to imply that the

Basharat Hussain Qizilbash

He lives on – Bhutto’s sense of history

Birthdays bring joy and happiness but this January, the PPP supporters that had planned huge cakes and grand celebrations to commemorate Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s birthday found nothing but blood and tears as a pall of gloom and doom enveloped the length and the breadth of the country due to the shocking assassination of a Bhutto-lover– Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab. Like most people, I know little about Taseer except that he was a great admirer of Bhutto, a bold PPP leader like

Umair Javed

The placebo effect – The far-right: losing the battle, but winning the war

Just think about this for a second: every time there’s news about a seemingly religiously inspired murder,
or two, or twenty, the first antidote on offer is how religious parties often do poorly at the ballot box. To a certain extent, this off-the-cuff statistic attempts to placate those, both home and abroad, who’re deeply afraid of a Pakistan being inhabited and run by far-right forces. The logic goes something like this: if a party does badly at the polls, it implies that it

Kamran Rehmat

How to find our feet – It is time to look beyond the tainted trio

Salman Akbar, the goalkeeper of Pakistan’s Asiad gold-winning team, offered a succinct comment when a scribe recently sought his views on the failure of the Pakistan Hockey Federation to pay their salaries for the last three months.
It was right around the time when MQM chief Altaf Hussain had just pulled the rug from under the PPP and seemed on course to bring the house down in Islamabad the beautiful.
Playing down assurances from PHF quarters about redressing the

Waqqas Mir

Work shirk – A meeting about meetings, anyone?

The mood was sober. I had just joined a government department, as part of a year away from private sector work, and had been warned about the efficiencies of the new office. I say warned because most people expect a rather cushiony and delightfully inefficient existence in government departments but the one I had joined had a reputation of not taking things lightly. And thus far that morning, it seemed true.
It was my first day on the job and a Departmental Meeting had been

Behaviour in an organisation

Every workplace enjoys the culture that is visualised by the parameter of laws, language, fashion, authorities, power relationships, conventions, conflict management processes, decision making process and philosophy that define boundaries of organisations. One can
see the firm’s behaviour through its employee’s
patterns of behaviour and physical
manifestation (rules, office layout, ethics, code
of conduct and structure). Managers send
information to

Media and the youth

Today, media is closely linked to youth. As it is also known as the fourth estate, it has become one of the most influential factors in today’s world and the age group that it has affected very gravely is the youth. Not only are they being subjected to various kinds of communication through media but are also very greatly influenced by it. It has affected their thinking patterns and their opinions towards various topics and subjects.
One of the most important things that media

Discussion of mutual interest

President Asif Ali Zardiari had a meeting with the US President
Barack Obama a few days ago. One wonders what might have been the
topic in the 30-minute meeting. What kind of topics of mutual interest
came under discussion? Did the Obama Administration ask for corruption free use of its aid? Or did Asif Zardari put emphasis on ending
human rights violations by the drone attacks operated by the US? As far
as the history is concerned, Pakistani side must

A wish for brighter future

Long ago, man lived in caves. A time when people would put their ears against the floor to judge distant travellers and when workers would judge the time by the movement of the sun. Since then, the entire human timeline is studded with advancements in various areas. Man has created comforts unknown to the primitive man. Man has learned
how a small force united is ultimately stronger than various large forces against each other.
This steady progress portrays the global <br

A little Muslim history

The two phenomenon of 21st century are just overwhelming; one, the liberalism and the other the ever increasing influence of capitalism. This has left the ideas of Rousseau, Adam Smith and Marx wandering in some lost space. The ideas of a nation, democratic dispensation and political participation have changed from that of pure political context to its economic tinge.
Unfortunately almost all the Muslim countries during last century either remained under a coloniser or a self