2023 Highlights – PakWheels got 1.1 billion views on social media

2023 is ending, and it was a good year for PakWheels, all thanks to you, PakWheelers, who showered us with their love, loyalty, and trust. In this year-end blog, we will share the company’s key achievements on social media, auto shows car melas and auto store. We are happy to share these success stories with you, a family.

Social Media Numbers 

During 2023, PakWheels YouTube got the following views, impressions, and watch time:

  • Watch time of 9 million hours on our channels
  • The channels received 1.8 billion impressions 
  • 2 million subscribers were achieved on the main channel 
  • Bike channel completed 100k subscribers  
  • Over 600 long and 1,500 short videos were uploaded 

Meanwhile, on TikTok

  •  1.6 million followers achieved  
  •  585 million views received 

The numbers for Facebook and Instagram are:

  • 3 million followers achieved on the main Facebook page
  • Reached 250 million plus users online
  • Earned 940,000 followers on Instagram

Last but not least, we launched our WhatsApp channel. The biggest social media achievement of PakWheels was 1.1 billion views across all platforms.

Services Achievements 

Coming to our services, we launched  inspection service in Hyderabad this year. Meanwhile, PakWheels found 8 partner workshops i.e., three in Karachi and five in Lahore.

Further, our Sell It For Me Service (SIFM) was launched in three new cities, Faisalabad, Peshawar, and Gujranwala, as SIFM achieved over 10,000 customers.

In the auto parts section, PakWheels introduced new own products like Dressing, Microfiber Towel, and 6-in-1 Car Kit. Our car care products were made available at 11 locations in Lahore.


PakWheels held 17 events, auto shows, and car melas across Pakistan in 2023, where thousands of car lovers came. There were a couple of firsts, i.e., a ticketed show in Islamabad, an indoor auto show of Pakistan in Lahore, and the Car Mela in Faisalabad. The fifth edition of the Sarfaranga Rally made a comeback this year.



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