Malala Yousufzai joins season 2 of ‘We are Lady Parts’

“We Are Lady Parts,” the British comedy spotlighting the lives of the all-female Muslim punk band Lady Parts, is set to make a bold return for its second season on Peacock, as reported by Deadline. Starting May 30, viewers can enjoy all six new episodes on the streaming platform, featuring guest appearances from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousufzai and British comedian Meera Syal.

The series, created by Nida Manzoor, draws inspiration from her experiences with cultural collectives and artists in London. Anjana Vasan leads the diverse cast as lead guitarist and PhD student Amina Hussain, alongside Sarah Kameela Impey as the charismatic front-woman Saira. Other talented actors include Juliette Motamed, Faith Omole, Lucie Shorthouse, Aiysha Hart, Zaqi Ismail, and Shobu Kapoor.

NBC highlights that “We Are Lady Parts” debuted its pilot in 2018, followed by a successful six-episode first season in 2021. With each band member navigating their complexities, the show delves into themes of friendship, familial obligations, and societal pressures on women.

Creator Nida Manzoor reflects on the journey of bringing the show to life, expressing pride in discovering her voice and vision through its creation. For season two, she embraces a newfound confidence, aiming to push boundaries further with bolder, sillier, and darker storytelling.

The upcoming season promises a deeper exploration of the characters’ inner worlds, tackling new challenges while maintaining the humor and camaraderie of the first season. With an expanded soundtrack featuring original music, the series continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor and heart.

As the show grapples with questions of success and artistic integrity within the music industry, Manzoor looks forward to sharing her project with audiences, both old and new. With its fusion of punk spirit and heartfelt storytelling, “We Are Lady Parts” remains a must-watch for fans of inventive comedy and compelling drama.

All episodes of the first season of “We Are Lady Parts” are currently available on Peacock. The series is produced by Working Title Television (WTTV), a division of Universal Studio Group.


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