Pakistan will not witness total solar eclipse, set to take place later today

Millions will be looking skyward on Monday to witness a total solar eclipse in a variety of regions in North America. This astronomical occurrence, however, will not be seen in Pakistan or India.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has stated that the eclipse can be observed from Western Europe, North America, Northern South America, as well as the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic regions.

The department further mentioned that the eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan.

In addition, Hindustan Times has reported that the total solar eclipse will not be visible in India either.

Weather permitting, the eclipse will be observable along a trajectory beginning in Mexico, extending through the United States, and into Canada. Enthusiasts of the eclipse are congregating in locations along the “path of totality.” Among these locations is Fredericksburg in central Texas, where the total eclipse is expected to take place just after 1830 GMT.

“First-time viewers of a total eclipse will be gobsmacked by the sight. “It will be a peak life experience”, said Michael Zeiler, a veteran eclipse chaser from New Mexico who already has witnessed 11 total eclipses across the globe.

Meteorologists have indicated that a significant stretch of the path of totality may experience cloudy conditions.


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