Adnan Siddiqui apologises for comparing women with flies on a TV show

Following a barrage of criticism triggered by his remarks likening women to flies, Adnan Siddiqui has released a statement. In his message, Adnan acknowledged that his comments, meant to be light-hearted, were misconstrued, and he expressed regret for any unintended offense caused.

“I’d like to address the recent comments I made, which were intended to be humorous and not to cause offense. Metaphors like ‘slippery as a snake’ are often used in a language. However, I understand how my words may have been misconstrued, and I regret any unintended offense. Moving forward, I will ensure my words are conveyed with greater clarity and sensitivity,” he wrote in a post on instagram.

This incident unfolded during an appearance by the star on Nida Yasir’s show, where a peculiar comment was made. As a fly buzzed around him, Nida jokingly suggested that it might be attracted to Adnan’s sweetness. Dismissing the notion, Adnan then made the controversial remark, prefacing it with, “I’m about to say something. Women, don’t feel bad about it.” Sensing potential backlash, Nida swiftly intervened, remarking, “God help us, it’s Ramazan.”

Adnan continued. “A fly and a woman are kind of the same examples,” he said. At this, Nida grasped her head and exasperatedly remarked, “He’s going to make me go viral again.” Adnan carried on, “The more you run after women, the more they run away from you. And when you sit like this (folds hand over his chest), they’ll come sit on your hand like this fly did.” In an attempt to shake off what he said, Nida replied, “I don’t want to question him about how he’s sitting.”

Adnan furthered, “When I was trying to catch the fly, it wasn’t coming into my hands. When I [sat back], it came and sat here.” At this point, it became evident that the host wanted to change the topic of the conversation. “I don’t want such straightforward people on my show live,” responded Nida with a forced laugh. “Let’s move on to the next thing.”


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