Int’l Pakistan Army Team Spirit Exercise-2024 begins at Pabbi

RAWALPINDI: The 7th International Pakistan Army Team Spirit Exercise-2024 was opened at the National Counter Terrorism Centre at Pabbi on Sunday.

Director General Military Training opened the 60 hours long Patrolling Exercise which aims at enhancing military to military cooperation under complex international security environment.

A total of 20 friendly countries including military observers are participating in the event. Major participants include Pakistan, Bahrain, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Morocco, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkiye, United States of America and Uzbekistan while Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Myanmar, Germany, Indonesia, Japan and Oman will witness the exercise as military observers.

Pakistan Army Team Spirit is a mission specific and task oriented professional military exercise organized annually in Pakistan. The exercise calls for highest standard of physical fitness, mental agility, robustness and professional military expertise for quick decision making in varied situations during conduct of challenging missions in near real environment.

The aim and objectives of this exercise revolve around perseverance acclaimed through the team spirit. The exercise would help hone basic soldierly attributes besides interoperability through sharing of innovative ideas and mutual best practices.


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