DG Customs robbed at gunpoint in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: In a brazen daylight robbery, armed men snatched mobile phone of the Director General (DG) of Customs while he was on a walk near the Ramna police station in Islamabad on Sunday. This incident has sparked concerns over the rise of robberies and thefts in the federal capital.

According to reports, the DG parked his car on the roadside and went for a walk when two armed men on a motorcycle approached him. They threatened him with a gun and took away his mobile phone before fleeing the scene.

The DG’s employee registered a case at the Ramna police station, demanding immediate action to apprehend the culprits and recover the stolen phone.

This incident comes amidst conflicting reports from the Ministry of Interior regarding crime statistics in Islamabad. One reply claims no robbery occurred in 2022 while another acknowledges 18 cases. Additionally, a separate report contradicts these figures, stating 3058 theft cases registered in the same year.

The Ministry’s report further highlights the prevalence of other crimes in Islamabad, with 177 murders, 68 cases of adultery, 673 vehicle thefts, and 2524 general thefts reported in 2022. Notably, 3276 bicycle thefts and 1470 cases of illegal weapon possession were also recorded during the year.

The recent robbery of the DG of Customs further underscores the need for immediate action to address public safety concerns in the capital city.


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