Peace in Gilgit

The recent serious unrest in Gilgit really makes one think why people seem to put such issues ahead of everyday problems like inflation, unemployment and corruption that affect them directly. This is alarming, and needs serious scrutiny by us all.

What is even more curious is the timing of the recent conflict, as it took place just 10 days after the Jaranwala incident. Are these events coordinated? It is a question worth investigating thoroughly.

And let us not forget that while international media covers such incidents, Pakistani media houses do not give them much attention. We should encourage local media to not only report these issues, but remain objective while doing so.

To bring some harmony, we need to open dialogue among various groups, and we must also prioritise issues like inflation and unemployment. Respon-sible reporting by the media is key to maintaining transparency and trust.

Why is it that when everything is going well, the ‘guardians’ assert a sense of ownership, but when things go wrong­­ — supposedly because of their own mishandlings — no one wants to claim responsibility for it, let alone try to fix it?



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