Road repairs

I am writing to express my con­cern and frustration over the very slow work on repairing a road part of ‘Nata Khan Pull’ on Shahrah-e-Faisal Road, which causes mas­sive traffic jams daily on that road. About two weeks have passed al­ready, and construction work is not yet complete. This also causes noise pollution, air pollution, and the consumption of petrol with a waste of time, specifically.

This road is one of the main ar­teries of Karachi, connecting the airport, the city centre, and many residential and commercial areas. It is used by thousands of commut­ers, travelers, and transporters ev­ery day. The traffic jam caused by the construction work affects not only their convenience and pro­ductivity but also their health and safety. The noise pollution from the heavy machinery and the honking of vehicles is unbearable. The air pollution from the dust and exhaust fumes is harmful. The consumption of gasoline and the wastage of time are costly.

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The construction work on this road was supposed to be complet­ed by August 22, 2023, according to the local government depart­ment. However, it seems that there is no progress or urgency in finish­ing the project. The workers are of­ten seen idle or absent. The mate­rials and equipment are scattered or damaged. The quality and stan­dard of the work are questionable.

I urge the authorities concerned to take immediate action to expe­dite the construction work and ensure its completion as soon as possible. They should also moni­tor and supervise the work close­ly and regularly. They should also compensate the affected people for their losses and inconvenience. They should also apologise to the public for their negligence and in­efficiency. This road is not only a matter of convenience but also a matter of pride and dignity for Ka­rachi and Pakistan. It should not be left in such a pathetic and piti­ful condition for so long.

It should be repaired and main­tained properly and promptly.



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