An imminent threat

This is with reference to the recent initiative taken by ministry of climate change to curb plastic waste, especially to regulate plastic flow in waterways, such as rivers. It was rather perplexing to hear the minister concerned say that she had no data regarding plastic waste even after spending 11 months in the office. Such is the height of ignorance that no one in the country has any idea how to tackle the tricky climate change phenomenon which is an imminent threat to us all.

The country last year was hit hard by unforeseen and excessive rainfall that caused devastating floods, which, in turn, wreaked havoc on both human lives and the agriculture sector, and resulted in enormous losses and economic damage. It is time we, as responsible citizens, contributed to the mitigation efforts.

As the first step, we can play our part in reducing the carbon footprint by adopting simple measures, such as using public transport, planting trees, reducing plastic use, and conserving energy on a routine basis.

Moreover, the government bears the primary responsibility for mitigating the effects of climate change. It must take urgent measures to encourage sustainable agricultural practices, promote renewable energy, and conserve natural resources to minimise the impact of climate change.

Pakistan, however, is not alone in bearing the brunt of climate change; many developing countries are trapped in a vortex of crisis they did not create yet are unable to come out of it.

The major emitters of greenhouse gases, the developed countries, have a moral obligation to lead the way in combating climate change, and to assist the developing world in mitigating its impact.



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