Eid likely to fall on April 22 in Pakistan, predicts PDM

KARACHI: Pakistan Meteorological Department have predicted Eid al Fitr is likely to fall on April 22 in Pakistan as sighting the moon on Thursday would not be possible from anywhere in the country.

The Met office prediction is based on the occurrence of a solar eclipse that is set to take place on Thursday, April 20, starting at 6:30 am and ending at 12 noon.

The eclipse would happen on the 29th of the moon date, and the new moon would appear on the next day. Astronomers stated that the new moon would not be visible in countries where the solar eclipse occurs on April 20.

Hence, Eid al Fitr would be held in Pakistan on Saturday, April 22. Experts also predicted that the solar eclipse could have negative effects on the weather in many countries worldwide.

Earlier, the International Astronomy Centre of Saudi Arabia has already declared Eid al Fitr would be fall on Saturday, 22 April – a day later than expected.

The centre said the sighting the crescent of the moon on Thursday (Ramadan 29) would not be possible from anywhere in the Arab and Islamic world, and so Eid will fall on Saturday, April 22.


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