A risky affair

The risky and illegal practice of one-wheeling has been on the rise in most urban areas for some time, but it is a rather new phenomenon in Islamabad. One-wheeling poses a threat to the rider’s safety as well as to the safety of pedestrians and other commuters. It is a violation of traffic laws and may lead to serious accidents and negative perceptions of young people in the community.

It also puts a strain on the already overburdened emergency healthcare services in hospitals, as they are often called upon to treat injuries resulting from these accidents.

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The government should address this problem. This can include increasing enforcement of traffic laws and educating the public about the hazards of one-wheeling.

Besides, parents should also take responsibility in this regard, and should educate and guide the younger ones to make safe and legal choices.

Such efforts may include providing mentorship and discussing at home the hazards and fallouts of one-wheeling.



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