Swabi Police kill two master-mind terrorists

PESHAWAR: In an intelligence-based operation against terrorists, Swabi Police have killed two master-mind terrorists and arrested another one beside two suspects, said a press release issued on Wednesday.

On a tip regarding the presence of terrorists, Swabi Police along with intelligence agencies carried out a joint operation at Hund. During the operation, two terrorists identified as Izharullah alias Shiraz son of Attaullah resident of Asota Sharif and his accomplice Zeenat alias Saqib, resident of Bajaur were killed while another terrorist was arrested along with two other suspects.

Terrorist Izharullah alias Shiraz was wanted by both Swabi Police and Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in connection with terrorism related cases. According to police, he was wanted in recent hand-grenade attacks at Police Station Kalu Khan and Yar Hussain. A police cop was injured in the attack.

He was also spearheading terrorists from Afghanistan and was using them in attack against polio teams, traffic police and other terror incidents.

The government of Pakistan had fixed a bounty of Rs.2 million on his head. He was recruited in Airport Security Force (ASF) as inspector and was also the master-mind of Peshawar Airport terrorists’ attack.

Terrorist Izharullah was wanted to police in connection with the target killings of several police cops, who along with his other accomplices had targeted and killed constables Sabir and Mubasir in the year 2013, Sajid and Bakhtiar in 2014 and Head Constable Bakht Munir in 2022.


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