Destruction alongside development

The ongoing development work in Karachi is highly commendable. Multiple tasks are being carried out by the provincial government, such as re-building and construction of dilapidated sewerage system, pedestrian ways, flyovers, underpasses, rehabilitation of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) and modern Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). These development activities were long-overdue and are very much welcomed by the locals.

However, the decision to remove the historical World Globe mounted in front of Islamia College in the city is something that is not advisable. The Globe has a history of its own. Various generations have grown up watching the monument as it was almost a staple sight in old Pakistani movies that were shot in Karachi. As per reports, the Globe would be removed as it is said to be an obstacle in the way of the new BRT route being executed these days. BRT is our dream; our ultimate desire and an urgent requirement of the citizens.

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However, there may always be ways, provided those concerned are willing to find one, to salvage the landmark without compromising on the BRT route. The authorities concerned should focus on finding a way rather than taking the easy way out.



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