An effective teacher

Teachers play an important role in students’ lives. They are the building blocks of educational systems. Some students believe that an effective teacher is a teacher who is bold, friendly, polite, builds memories with them, helps them solve their problems and cooperates in exams.
For parents, an effective teacher is a person who leads their children to the right path in their lives, and enhances their abilities and skills. According to Gary D. Borich, professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, a teacher is a person having extraordinary abilities for complex and difficult tasks.
Students face many difficulties in their academic life. I, too, have experienced some problems in my childhood, but did not get an effective teacher who could solve them. Many students must have experienced the same. I think the problem is that our teachers do not use new techniques and methods to keep students engaged and interested in learning.
The teachers need to keep themselves updated with innovative techniques to make learning a memorable and joyful experience for their students. Similarly, students and parents should provide constructive feedback to teachers instead of merely criticising them. All of us need to play our part in this regard.

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