Europe and NATO

French President Emmanuel Macron recently said that the United States US) is taking decisions to its advantage, indicating that the major part of global mess is of American making, especially the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its aftermath. Europe is suffering today because of the recent gas and energy crisis, but the fact is that it has been suffering since the inception of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) because of being a partner in America’s ‘war business’. The core target behind the formation of NATO was to have a joint front against the eastern Europe which was behind the iron curtain under the influence of the erstwhile Soviet Union. The ultimate goal was finally accomplished with the latter’s disintegration in 1991. The threat was gone, but NATO member-ship kept increasing without a tangible target except for the US which uses it as a tool to abuse and exploit Europe.
Before the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, almost all European countries imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Russia in massive quantities, but that trade now stands banned. Therefore, nations like Germany, France and Italy, have to purchase liquefied natural gas (LNG) from elsewhere. Owing to the Ukraine crisis, it is better for Europe to withdraw from NATO, as the US will only exploit Europe in future tussles in one part of the world or the other.

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