Wild beasts on roads

With the increasing shortage of water in Karachi, the number of water tankers on the roads has also increased. While these tankers are supposed to facilitate people by providing water, they have become a threat to their lives by spilling water on the roads, driving recklessly, and causing accidents. Those behind the wheel drive carelessly, and the dripping water from the faulty hoses of the tankers make the road slippery. Such roads become hotspots of accidents, particularly for motorcyclists.

I recently met an accident due to the same reason. My motorcycle was knocked down on the main Korangi Road. I only received minor injuries, but the trauma has remained with me since because anything could have happened. Many motorcyclists fall on slippery roads and get badly injured. Some of these accidents are even fatal.

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While these tankers roam the streets of Karachi like wild beasts and cause casualties, the relevant authorities prefer to play blind. The tanker owners as well as drivers must be held accountable for such accidents. Moreover, the authori-ties should specify alternative routes for these monsters, otherwise they would continue to pose risk to commuters’ lives.



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